Is your business a well-kept secret?

Here’s why Radio remains the most efficient marketing medium:
Radio is everywhere.
It’s a familiar medium that Americans have been using for generations.
Most people own several radios.
Radio reaches 93% of Americans age 12 and older each week.
That’s 244,341,000 of us, making AM/FM radio the number one reach medium of all.
And what other marketing medium goes more places?
Radio is the original mobile medium.
Listeners listen while doing other things, throughout the day.
Waking-up, getting dressed, driving to work, at work, everywhere!
Radio is king in the car.
Want a new car without a radio? Too bad. They don’t make ’em.
84% of drivers say radio is their primary in-car entertainment.
Over 90% of all shopping trips are by car. So…
Radio gets your message closer to the cash register than any other medium.
Most adults listen to radio within one hour of making their biggest purchase of the day.
Radio reaches upscale consumers.
93% of adults in the $75K+ household income bracket listen each week.
Tune-in averages 12+ hours.
Radio is personal.
It’s an intimate, one-to-one medium that speaks to listeners as individuals.
Listeners have favorite stations and personalities, a bond that’s valuable to advertisers.
Radio is influential.
That bond makes the listener receptive to recommendations about products and services.
Especially products and services recommended by on-air experts, like our weekend hosts.
Radio moves faster than other media.
Need a quick copy change? Running a hot special?
Radio can tell your story quicker, and less-expensive, than any other ad medium.
Radio is more cost-efficient than other media.
For what one big newspaper ad costs, an advertiser can run on radio all week. And you’ve seen what’s happened to newspaper circulation.
Radio complements other media.
Radio can tell potential customers to “LOOK FOR OUR AD IN TODAY’S NEWSPAPER!”
Or in the Yellow Pages.
Radio is like “an insurance policy” for your other advertising.
In a research study, replacing one of two newspaper exposures with two radio ads almost tripled unaided brand recall.
Source: Radio Advertising Bureau

Why Talk is Radio’s most advertiser-friendly format.

Talk is radio’s most-listened-to format…
…among all listeners, age 12 and older.
Talk radio is foreground radio.
Unlike music radio, talk radio commands attention.
Talk radio listeners aren’t just button-pushers who stop pushing buttons when they hear a song they like.
They’re LISTENING, closely.
Talk radio is the best environment for an advertising message.
Because Talk Radio is the spoken word, commercials don’t interrupt programming the way they halt music Radio. In music Radio, the most common point of tune-out is when a commercial begins.
Yet Talk listeners regard commercials as informative.
Talk radio is a resource.
Because listeners use it for news, weather, and conversation shows, listeners find talk radio informative. They BELIEVE what they hear.
Talk radio listeners are more involved.
Because they’re paying attention, and bonding with on-air personalities, they’re more likely to respond to advertising messages.
Talk radio is targeted.
What better place to advertise, for instance, home improvement products and services than in a home improvement show? WBQO has radio’s best one.
We also have shows about personal finance, health, real estate, consumer electronics, and guns and other “guy stuff.”

The bottom line?
Your bottom line.

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