One Man’s Opinion, “Whither America’s Mayor?” Tuesday, December 8, 2020

by Bill Crane


As U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York during the 1980s, Rudolph Giuliani took on mob kingpins and crime bosses, and in most cases…Rudy won.  Elected New York Mayor in 1993 after a hard-fought contest, he easily won re-election in 1997.  His legacies include the clean-up of Times Square, routing considerable corruption out of the NYPD, and leading the Big Apple through the disaster and immediate aftermath of 9/11.  The Republican National Convention of 2004 would later be held in NYC, largely due to groundwork laid with the RNC and Bush Administration by Giuliani.


Walking around lower Manhattan, covered in soot, ash, and debris from the collapse of the World Trade Center in the hours immediately following the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11, Giuliani stayed on the front lines, assisting citizens and first responders alike.  His actions in the days and weeks that followed, buttressed by vocal and visible support of then-President George W. Bush caused Giuliani to gain the nickname, “America’s Mayor.”  This Brooklyn born, Italian American of modest stature was soon touted as presidential timber.


In early 2008, he would announce his presidential campaign.  He became an early front-runner in numerous national polls.  But his campaign strategy was quite unconventional.  He would skip early contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, in effecting parachuting in late to Florida, a state filled with New York transplants.  Delegate rich Florida would propel him on to greater victories across the south on Super Tuesday.  But voters and reality had a different plan.  Rudy’s loss in Florida was massive.  He would shortly after withdraw from the race and endorse the eventual GOP nominee, Arizona Senator John McCain.


Since that political loss, Rudy has had considerable business success.  He built a strong law practice and lobbying firm as a power broker and has raked in millions in book sales and speaking fees.


However, watching “America’s Mayor” in action of late has simply been sad.  As a federal prosecutor, he understands the rules of evidence in federal courts, as well as the compulsion of officers of the court to enter factual and accurate information and testimony to the best of their ability.


While appearing recently in federal District Court in Pennsylvania, seeking to overturn the certification of the Presidential contest there, U.S. District Judge Matthew Braun asked Giuliani pointedly, “Is this a fraud case?”


After some silence and disquieted looks on Rudy’s face came the quiet and under-stated reply…“No your honor…this is not a fraud case.”


Judge Braun dismissed the suit with prejudice, and a strongly worded opinion making clear his assessment that the case presented by Giuliani was a pile of innuendo and supposition, stitched together “…like a Frankenstein’s monster.”  Reading a recent and similar legal action filed in Georgia, I would have to offer that Frankenstein was a better piece of work, whether fact or fiction, not unlike this case.

Mr. Giuliani and others are claiming that the Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) hardware and related software have secret backdoors and that the company and its technology include a toxic mix of red China, Hugo Chavez, and some other QAnon myths and enchantment tales.


IF these voting systems, in place in all or part of 27 states are so easily hacked…why isn’t that hack on the internet along with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign Emails?  Or why would the election stealing villains be content with only stealing battle-ground states?  Why not take out down-ballot U.S. Senators (23 GOP seats up, 1 loss in Colorado–so far)?  Why give the GOP six and counting more seats in the U.S. House?  Why a new state legislative majority heading into a reapportionment year? Inconsistent thieves…at best.


The GOP actually had a pretty damn good night on 11/3, except at the very top of the ticket, and even that loss was narrow.  Rudy is reportedly billing $20,000 a day for his cheerleading/legal services.  I understand and appreciate loyalty Mr. Mayor, it is an admirable quality, but like the hair dye or other coloring recently running down both cheeks as you became over-heated during your own press conference…it is increasingly clear that the Emperor whom you are trying to protect is wearing no clothes, as well as that the moment sacrificing you become of benefit to him, we hope that you packed a Kevlar re-enforced back brace for when you get thrown under that next Big Red Bus.  You deserve better Mr. Mayor, and frankly so does America.